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Sally Breeze Green

Lo and Behold: A Christmas Story

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Lo and Behold


Lo and Behold is a musical you literally cannot see anywhere else.

Years ago, Sally Green was awakened in the middle of the night with a nudge from the Holy Spirit to, "Write this down!"

"The story just flowed from my pen and the story of 'Lo and Behold' was born!," says Sally. "It was the story of two tiny angels who were chosen to lead the Angel Armies of Heaven to announce the birth of the Christ Child."

After several unsuccessful publishing attempts, Sally gave the story to her grandchildren as a Christmas gift. In 1993, the music department of First Presbyterian Church presented it as a musical but then the manuscript sat on Sally's shelf until 2018 when she found a publishing opportunity. Late in 2019, the little angels Lo and Behold made their hardback debut. Over the summer, the choir director, Greg Pysh, re-adapted the earlier musical presentation and Carolyn Price set to work to bring it to life for the entire congregation. 

Looking back, Sally believes God’s timing was perfect. With COVID-19 running rampant and her husband, Ralph, experiencing a lot of health issues in 2020, this book and the musical were a welcome bright spot.

“God must have had something in mind,” said Sally. “I just want to get the word out about Jesus for such a time is this…and this proved to be SUCH a time.”

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  • What Readers Are Saying

    Sally’s books are very well done and easy for kids to follow. They are a wonderful way to share the good news of God’s love with the little ones! The artwork is amazing and very peaceful and it draws the reader in. My granddaughters love to sit with me while I read these books to them. Sally has an incredible gift for sharing the gospel with people of all ages but these kids’ books are the BEST!

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