Lo and Behold this is the most amazing book that I have read in my entire life, the story of the birth of Jesus Christ from the angels’ perspective. One of the best children's books that I've read. I will definitely be reading more of her books. The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book. Thank you, Dear Sally Green! I highly recommend this book.

 -- Jeff Red (EC Publishing, LLC)


Sally's books are both playful and deep, teaching children big lessons about God's love, faithfulness, and presence through stories they can connect with. Although she writes children's books, there's nothing simplistic about the message that shines through in Sally's writings. As you read, you get the sense that you're hearing from someone who has distilled a lifetime of lessons she's learned from walking with the Lord into books that say to the next generation: "This is the way, walk in it." (Isaiah 30:21) 

-- Carrie McKean


Both of Sally’s books are very well done and easy for kids to follow. They are a wonderful way to share the good news of God’s love with the little ones! The artwork is amazing and very peaceful and it draws the reader in. My granddaughters love to sit with me while I read those books to them. I am looking so forward to any upcoming books by this author. Sally has an incredible gift for sharing the gospel with people of all ages but these kids’ books are the BEST!

 -- Jenny Bridgeforth


These books are great! I have known Sally Green for many years. During these years I and many others have experienced her heart of love, devotion, patience, compassion and wisdom. All that comes out in these stories. I highly recommend their reading!

 --Mary Anne


Lo and Behold is a charming and endearing story of Christ’s birth. The song sung in honor of Gabriel is especially sweet and the illustrations with their soft pastel colors evoke a strong ethereal quality. It is a delightful read!

 --Suzanne M. Sirgo


Lo and Behold is a sweet rendition of the Christmas story. I enjoyed the creativity from the angel’s viewpoint. 

 -- Carol Strange (Texas)


Lo and Behold is a delightful way to tell the Christmas story. Different and interesting. The reader gets pulled into the adventure of two angels. Probably best for age 9 or above. I look forward to giving it to my grandson at that age. The story is timeless but in a different and sweet way. 

 -- Jannee Banner


I like the covers! Clever and colorful! Contents are delightful. Great stories for young and old alike especially when read with children. 

 -- Friend of Sally's (California)


Wow. Can’t wait to get Big Fish Tale. My grandchildren enjoyed Lo and Behold I know they will love it too. 

 -- Jennie Mac (Arizona)


Georgie! A Big Fish Tale is beautifully illustrated and perfect for reading and inspiring young listeners to know and experience a God who listens to the desires of our heart. 

-- Mary Helen


This is a delightful Christmas story with cheerful illustrations. The story flows well as it tells the little known story of what was happening on the Star of Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. A must-read for children of all ages.

-- Becky Needham


Love, love this sweet book. Our Church used it for our Christmas program. The kiddos loved it. What a sweet message and story for these young ones to learn about God’s love. 

-- Jan Goree 


I am amazed at the power of this book, more alive and powerful than any other book of the era I have read. This is about what the story of her youth taught that God can speak to our hearts in dreams. I hope this little story will encourage those who read it. I highly recommend this very amazing book. Great work by the author. 

-- Jeff Red (EC Publishing, LLC)


Lo and Behold, a Christmas Story is a unique take on the traditional story from the angels' point of view. It examines the role of angels and stars during the birth of Jesus. It transforms readers to Heaven and helps them imagine what it is like to be an angel. The author reminds us that God can use the youngest and the smallest to bring good news to others. Children can easily relate to the colorful illustrations.

--laine miller


Georgie! A Big Fish Tale illustrates the loving relationships between a boy and his grandfather and a boy and his dog. Each character has experienced loss, but they find joy through their relationships. The book conveys the idea that we should share our dreams with God through prayer and believe that God can answer us. It reminds us of the importance of hard work, perseverance and doing for others.

--laine miller


My husband & I are grandparents to 8 boys. Trying to influence those young men for good is difficult these days. Books like Lo & Behold: A Christmas Story and Georgie! A Big Fish Tale depict the Christian values that we want them to choose for their lives. These books are truly a Godsend! We highly recommend them.

--Greg & Cathy G.


This unique Christmas story has quickly become one of our favorite holiday traditions. My daughter looks forward to reading it together each Christmas season, and she loves the brightly colored illustrations. I highly recommend every family adding it to their Christmas experience!

--Lo & Behold Fan


Amazon Reviews: Lo and Behold: A Christmas Story

A lovely book that children and adults would both enjoy! The artwork will spark the imagination of the little ones!

-- Verified Reader


A wonderful book for all generations! The story of the birth of Jesus Christ from the angels perspective.

-- Charlotte Bosecker


The author cleverly names two angels "Lo" and "Behold" and involves them in the birth of Jesus. The angelic emphasis - and artwork - are charming. The author displays a heart for children.

-- Vivian Johnson


Superb storytelling and colorful artwork. Children (of all ages) will enjoy this book as well as adults. Highly recommend it.



Amazon Reviews: Georgie! A Big Fish Tale

Wonderful children's book with important messages of faith & family. Used to see books, movies & stories of this nature frequently...we need more of this today!

-- Catherine Green


Such an amazing book... The message is really great and the illustration is beautifully done and really hits at the heart of the loving home style we all need these days.

-- Amazon Customer