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Sally Breeze Green

Georgie! A Big Fish Tale

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Georgie! A Big Fish Tale

Georgie! A Big Fish Tale is a mixture of Sally's childhood memories which take shape through characters and events in the story. Sally bases the sweet tale of fishing with family in the trout streams of Colorado. These memories, woven together with Bible verses and values she learned as a young girl, gave way to this story of God's grace in Sally's life.

She hopes this story encourages those who read it to follow their dreams and know God does answer and give them the desires of their hearts, especially when it is to help someone else.

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  • What Readers Are Saying

    Sally’s books are very well done and easy for kids to follow. They are a wonderful way to share the good news of God’s love with the little ones! The artwork is amazing and very peaceful and it draws the reader in. My granddaughters love to sit with me while I read these books to them. Sally has an incredible gift for sharing the gospel with people of all ages but these kids’ books are the BEST!

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